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Your personal name badge is your entrance ticket to all sessions and other activities of the ICEVI-Europe Conference. Please remember to wear this badge at all times during the conference and the social activities. At the back of your badge is a number that you can call during the conference in case of emergencies.
Banks and post office
Most banks open at 09.00 and close around 16.00, Monday through Friday. They are generally closed for lunch between 12.00- 14.00. Post offices are generally open between 09.00-16.00. The monetary unit used in Belgium is the Euro. Most services in Belgium accept major credit cards. Credit cards can also be used for withdrawing money in banks or from cash dispensers.
Dress code
The dress code will be ‘casual' throughout the conference with the exception of the Conference dinner where the dress code will be ‘smart business attire'.
Electrical supply
Electricity is supplied at 220 volts, 50 Hz. Some hotels provide 110 volts AC sockets for electric razors only. Plugs and sockets are the same as in the Continental countries of the European Union. British, Irish and non-European participants need plug adaptors for electrical appliances.
Emergency numbers
In Belgium - to contact the police dial 112 or 101 - to contact the fire brigade dial 112 - to contact the ambulance service dial 112
The Conference organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, for loss of, or damage to, property belonging to conference participants (or their accompanying persons), either during or as a result of the conference. Please check the validity of your own travel insurance.
The conference language will be English. No simultaneous interpretation in other languages will be offered.
The Conference organizers are solely responsible for services linked to the conference (sessions, social programme, transport for excursions). However, the organizers shall in no event be liable for acts or omissions in the case of injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity of any kind whatsoever during arrangements organized through contractors or the employees of such contractors in carrying out services. Hotel, tour and transportation services are subject to the terms and conditions under which they are offered to the public in general. The conference organizers reserve the right to make changes where deemed necessary without prior notice to the parties concerned. All disputes are subject to Belgian Law and the courts of Ghent.
Local cuisine and eating out
Bruges has numerous restaurants of various styles, prices and categories serving local or international cuisine. Most restaurants are open for lunch from 12am to 3 pm and for dinner from 7pm to 11pm.
Time zone
The time in Belgium is Central European Time (CET), which is GMT plus 1 hour, plus 1 hour in summer.
In Belgium, all prices are quoted “all inclusive”, which means that no additional tipping is necessary unless the service has been exceptional.
You can check the weather forecast on The Belgian climate is distinctly maritime and usually mild, and the city of Ghent is no exception to this. At this time of the year, it is usually sunny with temperatures around 15-20°C. An umbrella might be useful as the weather can change rather quickly.  
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