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Tuesday 4 July (16:00 -17:30)

The board of ICEVI-Europe considers that European networks of professionals are important. As one of its instruments through which it facilitates the exchange of professional knowledge and expertise, ICEVI-Europe is a strong advocate of the establishment of strong and independent special Interest Groups that promote networking with regard to specific aspects of education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired people.

The Professional Interest Group Meetings will be 1.5 hours in duration and among their objectives will be the creation of focus groups and the exchange of contact details.

Room 1: ICT
  • Leader: Lars Ballieu Christensen

Room 2: Early intervention
  • Leaders: Ana Isabel Ruiz López and Elena Gastón López

Room 3: Teaching and teacher training (Advisory Teachers, Subject Teachers, Classroom Teachers, & Teacher Trainers)
  • Leader: Tarja Hännikäinen

Room 4: Habilitation (Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, & Speech Therapists)
  • Leader: Maria Tsekoura

Room 5: Rehabilitation (Orientation & Mobility Instructors, Daily Living Skills and Low-Vision)
  • Leader: Beáta Prónay

Room 6: European network for psychologists and related professions working in the field of visual impairment (ENPVI)
  • Leader: Peter Verstraten

Room 7: Vocational training and employment rehabilitation
  • Leader: Stephanie Demartin

Room 8: Parents interest group
  • Leader: Onder Islek

Meeting programme
  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. The theme of the conference is based on the Quality of Life framework and its eight domains
    • Is this framework relevant for our professional group?
    • How can we use it?
    • Do we have quality standards?
  3. The psychologists and related professions have already for some years a European network.
    • Is it useful to realize a structural network of this professional group?
  4. Any other business
  5. Closure
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