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Quality of life, QoL

Inspired by the work of Dr Robert Schalock, the Quality of Life framework will be a helpful guide to structure the different activities during the ICEVI-Europe 2017 conference: starting by lectures, over workshops and meeting sessions.

As each framework creates reality, this universal framework is distinguished by its multi-dimensionality. It takes into account both subjective factors and some objective factors, also it gives a central role to the person with a visual impairment as a director of his or her own life. QoL consists of eight domains that provide an indication of an individual’s quality of life in three broad yet related areas:

  • Independence
  • Social participation
  • Well-being

The eight domains are:

  • personal development – education (achievements, education status), personal competence (cognitive, social, practical), performance (success, achievement, productivity)
  • self-determination – autonomy / personal control, personal goals (desires, expectations), choices
  • interpersonal relations – interactions (social networks, social contacts), relationships (family, friends, peers), supports (emotional, physical, financial), recreation
  • social inclusion – community integration and participation, community roles (contributor, volunteer), social supports (support networks, services)
  • rights – legal (citizenship, access, due process), human (respect, dignity, equality)
  • physical well-being – health and health care, activities of daily living, leisure
  • emotional well-being – contentment, self-concept, lack of stress
  • material well-being – financial status, employment, housing

Different keynote speakers will introduce us to the variety of areas. Each item of the framework functions as an invitation for lectures, workshops or dialogue sessions. We are looking forward to your comments, experiences or research. Teased by the lectures, workshops and dialogue in the different sessions, we hope to discuss the impact and the challenges of the citizen paradigm in its support of children, youngsters, adults and the elderly with a visual impairment or a MDVI anno 2017.

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