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Host Committee Members
  • Jan de Smedt, Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde
  • Alain Nauwelaerts, De Kade Spermalie
  • Chris Roeygens, Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde
  • Sarah Tobback, Centrum Ganspoel
  • Tine Van den Wouwer, De Kade Spermalie
  • Kathleen Vandermaelen, Centrum Ganspoel

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Flanders has a long and advanced history of supporting people with visual disabilities.

This target group has already had the possibility to obtain information and targeted guidance in specialised centres for more than 175 years. Three of those specialized centres: Spermalie (vzw De Kade), Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde vzw and Centrum Ganspoel vzw took up the engagement to organise the ICEVI-Europe conference 2017 in Bruges.

These three organisations cooperate intensely and structurally in order to ensure a complementarity of expertise. This way, we realize a continuum in:

  • the intensity of support: from sporadic to very intensive support
  • support services: mobile support, ambulant support, semi-residential support, residential support and outreach
  • ages: babies, toddlers, children, youngsters, adults and the elderly

From this continuum we can offer customized support in dialogue with the person involved, whether he is losing his sight, is blind, partially sighted or affected by MDVI (Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment).

Within the structural cooperation, the three partners keep investing in the development and sharing of expertise.

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